Fish plate

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one of the plates of a fish joint.

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At the same instant a sixth waiter ran into the room, and declared that he had found the pile of fish plates on a sideboard, with no trace of the silver.
com FISH Neutral wallpaper by Mind the gap, PS150, Above: Blue fish glass PS2.49, Below L-R: Anouk stoneware fish plate, lobster, PS27.50,; Fish cushion in red, PS35, made.
Railway authorities reached the scene to repair the broken track and later directed Pakistan Express towards its destination.According to authorities, the breakage of fish plate had occurred accidentally.
The structure consists of metal longerons (stiffeners) with carbon-fiber epoxy soles and fish plate straps connected to the frame.
He said they placed a fish plate and C-clamp on the affected portion as part of emergency repairs.
Dinner choices include a chicken plate or fish plate. Special dietary meals may be requested with your reservation.
However by the time police arrived, some five minutes later, the pair had already escaped with a Georg Jensen candle stand from 1920, a fish plate from 1919 and a number of modern wristwatches and rings.
The derailment had happened when the flange of a wheel struck one half of a broken fish plate - a metal plate which holds sections of track together.