Fish pound

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a net attached to stakes, for entrapping and catching fish; a weir.

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A owner of a fish pound ignited the weeds nearby the fish pond beside the burned hill without paying attention so that the fire spread to the hill, said Liu Zhenliang, the leader of Forest Branch of Huizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau.
This endeavour would also help agriculture department to establish farm service centre in the villages closed to the dams besides helping Fisheries Department to develop fish pounds and hatcheries to meet people sea food demands.
National News Agency correspondent in Tyre, Haidar Hawila, reported Monday that hundreds of amateurs rushed to fish pounds of the strange creatures, which first came into sight yesterday.
Prizes: Heaviest bag pounds 400 + new Greys Apollo Extreme 140 rod + trophy, 2nd pounds 300, 3rd pounds 150; Heaviest fish pounds 200 + new Greys Apollo Extreme 130 rod, 2nd pounds 200, 3rd pounds 100; Heaviest flatfish pounds 150 + new Greys GRXS Bass 126 rod, 2nd pounds 100, 3rd pounds 50; Ladies (sponsored by Amble Angling Centre) 1st pounds 50, 2nd pounds 30, 3rd pounds 20; Juniors (sponsored by MKM building supplies, Alnwick) 1st pounds 50, 2nd pounds 30, 3rd pounds 20.
Latest permit prices are: four-hour Sporting pounds 10; All-day Sporting pounds 15; four-hour one fish pounds 12; All-day threefish limit pounds 20; All-day four-fish limit pounds 23.
Results: 1 Richard Landsbury 7 fish pounds 80, 2 Chris Micallef pounds 50, 3 Dave Mordue pounds 30, 4 Ernie Craster.
1st pounds 300, heaviest fish pounds 150, plus prize table, entry pounds 12, jnrs (must be with adult) pounds 5.
Poldino MenuPasta with wild hare sauce pounds 3 Risotto with Mediterranean fish pounds 4Wild boar steak pounds 5
Ticket prices are Full Day for five fish pounds 25, four fish pounds 24.
First prize is pounds 300 for heaviest bag, heaviest fish pounds 150.
1st heaviest fish pounds 500; 2nd heaviest bag pounds 200.
First prize is pounds 1,000 and the heaviest single fish pounds 500.