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Even though these fish school at times in groups numbering into the hundreds or even thousands and generally work together to herd baitfish in a way that benefits the entire school, individuals within the school still compete among themselves.
Hence, the approximate distance in meters from the vehicle to the fish school can be calculated as (23-r)x1.5, where t is the time in seconds after vessel passage.
The particle swarm Pop1, artificial fish school Pop2, size of the particle swarm N1, and size of the artificial fish school N2 are firstly defined.
So young tetrapods may have stuck together much as young fish school, Sanchez speculates.
Eitel is professor of missions and world Christianity, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tort Worth, Texas, and dean of its Roy Fish School of Evangelism and Missions.
Direct visual observations were made by an expert observer aboard a CDFW aircraft, with data on fish school species composition, abundance, and estimated tonnage recorded.
In this paper, most recent meta-heuristic approaches namely Ant Clustering Algorithm [3], Firefly Algorithm [4], Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm [5], Artificial Fish School Algorithm [6], Krill-Herd Clustering Algorithm [7], Particle Swarm Clustering Algorithm [8], Wolf Pack Clustering Algorithm [9] and Glow Worm Optimization Algorithm [10] have been discussed and implemented on standard clustering datasets to obtain improved results than K-means algorithm.
Fish school primarily for protection from predators, and also to make swimming and foraging more efficient.
#Dave" According to the Mid-Atlantic Fish School of Law, this upheaval is against my dolphin rights.
With these other education based gaming applications like Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Fish School HD, Letters A to Z, etc will also be highlighted.
"Fish School," story and illustrations by Nancy Poydar; Holiday House, $16.95, 32 pages, ages 4 to 8.