Fish weir

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a weir set in a stream, for catching fish.

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A fish weir was erected in 2008 and used seasonally to document the number of fish entering the Crooked Creek watershed.
According to, Caan, 69, filed a five-million-dollar suit against Fish Weir Filmworks and writer/director Daniel Adams at California's Superior Court earlier this year, reports Contactmusic.
The reporting of fish weir catches was mandated as part of weir-operating permits but the data were likely incomplete.
We look down on the salmon as they mass against a final barrier--the fish weir, designed with a small gate that the salmon have to pass through, giving wildlife specialists a chance to count the number of returning fish.
Staff from the Centre have travelled to his school, which houses students up to grade eight and is located several hundred air miles from Timmins, and together they've worked on some very worthwhile undertakings, such as the Wawakepewin Michicun Fish Weir Project.
Another exciting find has been a fish weir at the mouth of the Ogwen near Penrhyn Castle.
Her notion of mother love is to stuff the infant into a leather bag and hurl him into the river Wye, but the bag is found in a fish weir by Prince Elffin.
Her people accepted from the fleeing Huron-Wendats the stewardship of the fish weir at Atherley Narrows near Orillia, she said.
His first task was to help install a fish weir at Olga Bay (Kodiak, Alaska), where he ended up tagging pink salmon for the next 3 years.