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(Cookery) a food item popular in Asia, consisting of a ball made from flaked fish and varying other ingredients
كُتْلَة من لحم السَّمَك
rybí karbanátek
rybia fašírka
balık köftesi


(fiʃ) nounplurals fish (rare) ˈfishes
1. a kind of creature that lives in water and breathes through gills. There are plenty of fish around the coast.
2. its flesh eaten as food. Do you prefer meat or fish?
1. to (try to) catch fish (in). She likes fishing; He fished the river all day.
2. (usually with for) to search for. She fished around in her handbag for a handkerchief.
3. (usually with for) to try to get by indirect means. He is always fishing for compliments.
ˈfishy adjective
1. of or like a fish. a fishy smell.
2. odd or suspicious. There's something fishy about that man.
ˈfishball noun
mashed fish shaped into a ball and cooked.
ˈfisherman noun
a person who fishes either as a job or as a hobby.
ˈfish farm noun
an area of fresh water for breeding fish as a business.
fish farmer
a person who breeds fish.
ˈfish hatchery noun
a place for hatching fish eggs.
ˈfishing-line noun
a fine strong thread, now usually made of nylon, used with a rod, hooks etc for catching fish.
ˈfishing-rod noun
a long thin flexible rod used with a fishing-line and hooks etc for catching fish.
fish merchant
a fishmonger.
ˈfishmonger noun
1. a person who sells fish.
2. a shop that sells mainly fish. I must go down to the fishmonger.
feel like a fish out of water
to feel uncomfortable or out of place in a situation.
fish out
to pull something out with some difficulty. At last he fished out the letter he was looking for.

The plural fish is never wrong, but sometimes fishes is used in talking about different individuals or species: How many fish did you catch? ; the fishes of the Indian Ocean ; the story of two little fishes .
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Next stop was at Fishball Story in Geylang where Mikael tasted the springiest fishballs he's ever had.
You can also stand around a fishball cart and share a few sticks while reminiscing, have isaw at Mang Larry's Isawan, or have tapsilog at Rodic's at the UP Shopping Center.
Atiq had fishball soup served with rice noodles, perfect for those who don't really want a big meal (he was raring to go back to the gym on the night he joined me).
Jimmy also goes on to say: One Meatball is based on a version of the song The Lone Fishball.
Dissolve to 1972, and Fan is a 17-year-old (Shawn Yu) selling sugarcane sticks outside the same cinema with his buddy, Fishball Ming (Wong You-nam).
When the mackerel formed a tight "huddle," the sailfish slashed their way into the fishball to eat their prey.
According to a fishball vendor who witnessed the incident, the man appeared to be waiting for a ride when four men in two motorcycles suddenly appeared and repeatedly shot the victim.
From the P10 coin you give the fishball vendor to Abu Dhabi launching a $10-billion bond offering, money is already digital.
Meanwhile, 50-year-old fishball vendor Nelly Moral said it is her devotion to the Black Nazarene that keeps her healthy and enables her to send all her four children to school.
Lovely color photos accompany dishes such as Mu Shu Chicken in Lettuce Cups and Sour Fishball Soup with Green Papaya, offering up a host of innovative, fun dishes perfect for avid cooks who already know both basics and traditional fare.