Fissure vein

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(Mining) a crack in the earth's surface filled with mineral matter.
- Raymond.

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"A true fissure vein, or I never saw one," he proclaimed softly.
Detailed mapping, soil geochemical sampling, rock channel and chip sampling programmes have delineated auriferous zones within three principal fissure vein structures - Laghi Bunnari, Sa Pedra Bianca and Sa Pala De Sa Fae.
2) "The umbilical fissure separates segment III from segment VI within the left anterior sector and contains a main branch of the left hepatic vein (the umbilical fissure vein).
It is a true fissure vein, widened by displacement of the wall rock, and can be traced on the surface for a distance of about 3000 feet.
While it is wholly within the Great Limestone, High Cross vein has a simple structure: vertical walls contain a fissure vein up to 30 cm wide, composed primarily of barite and calcite deposited in a symmetrical crustiform sequence.