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n.1.A fistula.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Za procjenu ishoda rekonstrukcije upotrebljene su sljedece mjere: rane poslijeoperacijske komplikacije (propadanje reznja, postojanje fistule, komplikacije donorskog mjesta), duljina boravka u bolnici i procjena funkcije gutanja nakon 14 dana, jednog mjeseca i sest mjeseci.
In her familial history, there was no pathology except for the suspicion inflammatory bowel disease and related fistule operation in her father.
Evaluacija klinickih pokazatelja 6, 12 i 24 meseca nakon operativnog zahvata Symptoms After 6 months After 24 months (*) Simptomi Nakon 6 meseci Nakon 24 meseca (*) Spontaneous pain/Spontani bol 0/0.0% 0/0.0% Percussion pain/Bol pri perkusiji 6/20.0% 4/13.3% Palpation pain/Bol pri palpaciji 3/10.0% 2/6.7% Presence of fistula/Prisustvo 0/0.0% 1/3.3% fistule No symptoms/Bez simptoma 21/70.0% 23/76.7% Symptoms After 48 months (**) Simptomi Nakon 48 meseci (**) Spontaneous pain/Spontani bol 0/0.0% Percussion pain/Bol pri perkusiji 3/10.0% Palpation pain/Bol pri palpaciji 2/6.7% Presence of fistula/Prisustvo 1/3.3% fistule No symptoms/Bez simptoma 24/83.0% N/%; (*) p<0.000; (**) p<0.000 Table 4.
On the other hand, other causes of painful ophthalmoplegia, including lymphoma, menengioma, craniopharyngioma, paracellar epidermoid cyst, caroticocavernous fistule, thrombosis of the cavernous sinus, giant cell arteritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetic ophthalmoplegia, and ophthalmoplegic migraine, should be excluded by the appropriate methods (10,11,12,13).
Jacquier et al., "Fistule arterioureterale: approche diagnostique et therapeutique," Progres en Urologie, vol.
However, the quadrat method over-estimated abundances of small, papillate bioeroding sponges that are counted as subunits of a given quadrat even if they contribute only a single papilla or fistule (e.g., as in Schonberg, 2001), unless single papillae are entirely omitted from the study (e.g., as in Callahan, 2005), or all components within a quadrat are estimated as percent area (e.g., as in Makowski et al., 2009; Makowski and Keyes, 2011).
kafa ciftlerinin tutulumuna bagli periferik fasiyal paralizi, diplopi ile seyreden kranial noropati ve dural arteriovenoz fistule bagli retroaurikuler yayilim gosteren oksipital bas agrisi, ataksi ve demans ile seyreden olgular bildirilmistir (3,6,8).
We performed an observational study, which analyzed the degree of pain, that suffers a patient undergoing hemodialysis, when is punctured his arteriovenous fistule. To do this we compare the pain that occurred before the puncture if we used one of three methods: anaesthetic cream (Emla[R]), PLACEBO (moisturizer) and ICE.
La fistule obstetricale est une complication de la grossesse qui touche les femmes apres un travail prolonge ou obstrue.