Fixed air

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(Old Chem.) carbonic acid or carbon dioxide; - so called by Dr. Black because it can be absorbed or fixed by strong bases. See Carbonic acid, under Carbonic.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(TAP) - The Union of Tunisian Immigrant Workers (UTIT) called for the adoption of a fixed air ticket price for young people to encourage new generations of immigrants to return periodically to their home country.
The data has been obtained from the fixed air quality monitoring station located at Pak-EPA premises here in sector H-8/2.
Now regular monitoring has been started to obtain the representative ambient air quality data from the fixed air quality monitoring station located at Pak-EPA premises in sector H-8/2.
However, MaxR cannot be installed on fixed air conditioner units.
According to Environment Section, P and D Division, we just have one federal air pollution monitoring stations, 5 Environmental Protection Tribunals, 7 Fixed Air Quality Monitoring Stations, 3 Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Stations, 5 Analytical Laboratories.
It will be made up of 3,100 tonnes of steelwork, contain 40km of liner lighting, 46 fixed air bridges linking to plans, 94 passenger boarding bridges and a 60km baggage handling network.
The memorial is Grade 2 listed and remembers three men who lost their lives entering a well near the Rudds Arms filled with "carbonic acid or fixed air" and warns others "not to venture into wells without first trying whether a candle will burn in them, if the candle burns to the bottom they may be entered with safety, if goes out human life can not be sustained".
Unique to many other promotions that offer a fixed air credit, the "Companion Flies Free" program is designed to cover the base fare (excluding all government taxes and fees) of the companion air ticket.
Oxidative stability values were determined at 110 C and a fixed air flow rate of 120 ml per minute.