Fixed battery

(Mil.) a battery which contains heavy guns and mortars intended to remain stationary; - distinguished from movable battery.

See also: Fixed

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Gogoro also has fixed battery exchange points known as GoStations, which will be expanded from the 520 already existing on the west coast to the east coast within a year, company executives said Friday.
He said they have fixed battery with the water kit for the process of electrolytes.
The three models will utilise rapid chargers, fixed battery stations and solar panels as part of a small car sharing service test run.
(1) Test the viability of reusing EV batteries in fixed battery stations
- Develop a system to reuse EV batteries in fixed battery stations, including remote battery monitoring technology.
- Using information and communications technologies (ICT) in conjunction with control and electricity storage technology, develop an effective system to optimally use electricity that is generated through solar panels, stored in fixed battery stations and supplied to EVs and participating stores.
Some practitioners advocate the use of the same set of tests (a "fixed battery") for every patient.
For example, if a fixed battery such as the Halstead-Reitan or Nebraska-Luria is used in every situation or if a technician administers many of the tests, you should consider looking for another expert.
Russell, The Cognitive-Metric Fixed Battery Approach to Neuropsychological Assessment, in CLINICIAN'S GUIDE TO NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT 211, 251 (1994).
Although in the chapter dedicated to fixed battery approaches several paragraphs are addressed to "ongoing hypothesis testing," this area seems to be relatively deemphasized compared with many other issues given adequate consideration in the text.
Tsukuba Environmental Style Test Project is aimed at assessing a low-carbon energy network composed of electric vehicles (EVs), rapid chargers, fixed battery stations, solar panels and a car sharing service.