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a. A traditional telephone line in which a telephone is connected to the public network by cables.
b. Telephone service provided by such cables: I don't have a landline; please call me on my cell phone.
2. An aboveground communications cable on land.
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Noun1.landline - a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits; "a land line can be wire or fiber optics or microwave"
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The company is proposing four tariff fixed-line tariffs that are EasyC00L, Easy100, Easy250 and EasyFlat.
In terms of technology, taking fixed-line services to new standards makes us think of fibre access and high-speed copper, for example using 'bonding' techniques.
3 May 2013 - Telecom Italia SpA (BIT:TIT) has not concluded a deal to sell its fixed-line network and any such presumption is speculation, the Italian telecoms group told Reuters.
We believe that the Russian telecommunications market is experiencing a structural transition which will lead to a larger mobile segment driven by data services while the share of fixed-line telephony, an outdated service type, gradually declines.
Summary: The Chairman of Egypt's fixed-line monopoly telephone operator Telecom Egypt is planning to spend a minimum of $1 billion on acquisitions in the Middle East and North Africa, Gulf News reported.
Russia's IT and Telecommunications Ministry has revealed it is to allow free local calls from fixed-line phones to mobile phones that have 'direct numbers'.
In terms of fixed-line telephony, the focus will be on the development of broadband in the entire country in order to support digital inclusion.
Japan's largest mobile phone service provider, will enable subscribers to use their handsets as fixed-line phones at home, President Masao Nakamura said Tuesday.
Some fixed-line carriers argue that this is a conspiracy among mobile carriers to keep charges high.
The Cannock company has announced a move into fixed-line telecom services for business and it will challenge BT's dominance in the small and medium size firm sector.
According to detailed data from January to June 2012, Brazil has 35 mobile connections for every 100 fixed-line connections.

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