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This is the theoretical strength of Hall's (1980) analysis of the production of meanings--precisely, the absence of fixidity and the openness to audience interpretation.
She advocates that we must 'dig deeper,' to be vigilant about new taken-for-granteds, sloganized in phrases as 'heightened mobility' and 'intensifying interdependencies.' She emphasizes, for example, that with hyper-mobility comes increased fixidity along certain nodes (2009, p.
Articulation and Discourse: Laclau and Mouffe's attacks towards "reductionism", "essentialism" and "rationally unified totalities" like "object 'society'" (60), "fixidity" of social identities, "sutured society", "privileged subjects", and so on, can be revealed in their full meanings from their theory of articulation and discourses.
There is no fixidity of being that dualisms imply, nor any connections between them.
The fixidity of the exchange rate policy was appropriate given the dual currency situation of partial IC-ization, to stabilize expectations (this is consistent with many literature in this field such as that of Calvo and Vegh (1992)).