carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed water

Effervescent water charged under pressure with carbon dioxide gas, used as a beverage or mixer. Also called seltzer, soda, soda water, sparkling water.
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Noun1.carbonated water - effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxidecarbonated water - effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide
soda pop, soda water, tonic, pop, soda - a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring; "in New England they call sodas tonics"
drinking water - water suitable for drinking
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20 ox-eye daisy flower heads, one cup of plain flour, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, a few tablespoons of ice-cold fizzy water or ginger beer (amount varies depending on consistency) Mix the dry ingredients and slowly whisk in the liquid until you get a mustard-like consistency - you may not need all of the liquid.
Try no-calorie fizzy water and unsweetened coffee and tea instead.
Finish with fizzy water, garnish with a sprig of mint Method: Fill shaker with ice.
Based on Princess Eugenie's previous interview with Harper's Bazaar, her favorite drinks include green tea, coffee, Diet Coke and fizzy water. For alcoholic drinks, she prefers vodka and soda.
They were served "Gazoz", a retro Israeli soft drink made from flavoured syrup and fizzy water.
Alongside the food, we ordered the special drink the restaurant offers, which is a fizzy drink made of a mix of fizzy water and herbs: rosemary, cumin, cinnamon, and several others.
Diet Coke sales have fallen as more people switch to other low-calorie drinks, such as flavored fizzy water. In fact, Coca-Cola said the new slim 12-ounce cans are the same ones used for its Dasani sparkling water.
Add to water or juices (they're particularly good in fizzy water), or just eat as a fun frozen snack.
So at a party the other night I stuck to fizzy water while everyone else got merrily piddled on beer and prosecco.