n.1.A fan.
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The arrested suspects and seized pieces of evidence were brought to Bulacan Crime Laboratory Office for appropriate examination, while the cadaver of the slain suspect was brought to Flabel Funeral Parlor in Brgy.
OXM OF IPV6 FLABEL Etiqueta de flujo de IPv6 OXM OF ICMPV6 TYPE Tipo de ICMPv6 OXM OF ICMPV6 CODE Codigo de ICMPv6 OXM_OF_IPV6_ND_TARGET La direccion objetivo en un mensaje de descubrimiento de vecinos en IPv6.
Dario adecua perfectamente la versificacion y el elastico decir banvillesco a la prosodia castellana, su tono dinamico y el trasfondo emocional en el que se desenvuelven los figurines de la Commedia dell'Arte y del shakesperiano A Midsummer Night's Dream: "Adquiere, de un moscardon, / un ala limpia y hermosa, / Flabel que dara a la esposa / de Oberon.
One research project looking into this issue is FLABEL (Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life) which receives [euro]2,860,000 in EU-funding.
In a study of consumers from the UK, Poland, Turkey and Germany conducted by the FLABEL research consortium, consumers consistently liked the most complex and information-dense labels - such as the hybrid GDA/traffic light system the most
Motivation was a major factor affecting the impact of nutrition labels on the choices made by consumers," FLABEL advisor Professor Klaus Grunert, from Aarhus University in Denmark said.
Laura Smillie, FLABEL spokeswoman said the project will allow food producers to understand what cross-cultural differences exist in the food industry and adapt labelling policies accordingly: "There's never been a study of this magnitude done on food labeling before.
NB: Flabel is owned by several Belgian industrial firms: 25% Sonaca, 25% Asco, 25% Barco, 17% Sabca and 8% Sabca Limburg.
EADS leads a consortium called Airbus Military building the A400M, which includes TAI of Turkey and FLABEL of Belgium.
53, which it shares with the famous "Harley Lyrics" in Middle English and where the scribe (if not the author) gives it the discursive title: "Cy commence le flabel du Jongleur de Ely et de monseigneur le roy d'Engleterre, lequel jongleur dona conseil al roi pur sel amender e son Estat garder" [Here begins the little tale of the Minstrel of Ely and of My Lord the King of England, the minstrel giving counsel to the king on how to reform himself and maintain his State].
net Para el desarrollo del avion de transporte A400M se incluyeron las principales divisiones de Airbus, a la italiana Alenia, la belga Flabel, la portuguesa Ogma y la turca Tusas Aerospace Industries (TAI).
Ge sai le flabel du Denier, / Et du Fouteor a loier, / Et de Gobert et dame Erme, / Qui ainz des eiz ne plora lerme, / Et si sai de la Coille noire; / Si sai de Parceval l'estoire, / Et si sai du Provoire taint / Qui o les crucefiz fu painz; / Du Prestre qui menja les muires / Quant il devoit dire ses heures; / Si sai Richait, si sai Renart .