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(Zool.) the California rockfish (Sebastichthys rubrivinctus). It is conspicuously colored with bands of red and white.

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The Puente Colgante de Manila serves as a backdrop, and on top an angel carries the flag of Spain.
Sailing under the flag of Spain, Canada, and Portugal, the battleships left from ystanbul in the morning hours.
Contract notice: Selecting the decoration company to which the performance of construction work, assembly and disassembly of the official flag of spain in cosmoprof bologna, to be held in the fairgrounds in bologna (italy) from 04.04.2014 shall be awarded to 07/04/2014.
But I let you all know that if I get hurt or killed, the responsible will be the Spanish minister of interior and the stains of my blood will remain forever on the national flag of Spain. You will only remember me when Islam will finally rule on Spain.
People hold a giant flag of Spain's second Republic during a demonstration by Republicans in Madrid, on April 14, 2013 to commemorate the 82nd anniversary of the Second Republic.
This is not a deal that was made in a hidden place, it was presented to international institutions and a full ceremony took place in Laayoune during which the flag of Spain was taken down and the flag of Morocco put up.
The Roman eagle was reassigned to the flag of Spain during the Franco era.
Jose continued and declared in fluent Tagalog: "We have to let the world know today that we are a people no longer under the Flag of Spain, nor under the shadow of the American Flag.
Contract notice: performance of construction work, assembly and disassembly of the official flag of spain in 2014 mosbuild fair, to be held in the fairgrounds expocenter moscow (russia) will be awarded.
Two soldiers hoisted the flag of Spain and national pride was restored after a six-day occupation of the disputed island of Perejil.