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And with the exception of a solitary man, no one saw them arrive at the little flag station known as College Park.
Chequered Flag station manager Rhys Price said: 'We are very sorry that this man ended up working for us.
The President has directed that the National Flag be flown at half-mast at every flag station in the country until Thursday, 28 June 2018, the day of the funeral.
Tenders are invited for Flag Station Police Line Harda
Flag, Hogla, Ukilerhat, , Krishnamohan Halt, Gurudasnagar, Sinking Of Hand Tubewell And Other Ancillary Works And At Udayrampur, Hogla -P.F.-1 & Baharu Flag Station Heavy Repairs To Platform Surface With Retaining Wall, P.F.
Tenders are invited for I) Sealdah Division : Optical Fiber Cable Connectivity To All Flag Station. Ii) Additional Maintenance Infrastructure To Enhance Capacity From 24 To 36 Rakes (Phase Ee Ii) At Barasat Carshed.
Acting President Mabuza has ordered that the National Flag be flown at half-mast at all flag stations in the Gauteng Province until the evening of the burial.
According to senior officials, the railways and private company would restore 14 deserted stations, including Sohawa, Begowala, Sambrial, Saahowala, Uggoki, Sialkot, Naseerabad, Gunnah Kalan, Alhar, Chawinda and Pasrur, besides establishing two flag stations at Adalatgarha and Talwara Mughalaan.
Flags are flying at half mast at all flag stations in South African and missions outside the country during the mourning period that will last until Sunday.
As from Wednesday this week, flags have been flying at half-mast at all flag stations. This will be done until the day of the funeral as it is a standard procedure for funerals of this nature.
Tenders are invited for Installation, Supply, Testing And Commissioning Of Ofc (Optical Fibre Communication) System Including Construction Of Service Buildings For Optical Fibre Cable Connectivity To All Flag Stations (40 Stations) In Howrah Division Of Eastern Railway