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Noun1.flag waving - an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotionsflag waving - an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions
demagoguery, demagogy - impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace
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Encouraging his audience to understand their power as voters to determine their own destiny, Boko concludes with a call to arms for artistic expression that stirs the conscience, declaring, 'an artiste must become an annoying pest, an artiste must tell the truth; you must become a truth teller first before you become a flag waver. You must stir their souls, and if you stir enough souls in your music, your rap, your art, you may just become taken seriously'.
DEAR Editor, The BBC's practice of conducting political interviews on the grass of Parliament Square, ensuring that the anti-Brexit flag waver enjoys several minutes of prime-time TV is blatant and unacceptable, and should have been referred to and condemned by Ofcom long ago.
Tigers hosted Sale Sharks in the third round of the Premiership Rugby Cup as the Loughborough group performed Flag Waver duties, parading a giant Tigers flag in the moments building up to kick-off and helped to welcome the teams on to the pitch in front of a roar from the crowd.
The evening had a black, grey and red theme slickly put together by designer Johan Engels -red handkerchiefs for the Macbeth murderers, Anvil Chorus red flag waver, and our dancer in his red suit, and the glorious costumes of the women for the Weill.
He's still probably feeling the embarrassment of his de-friending by former Lib Dem flag waver Colin Firth.
JAMIE DONALDSON was Wales' flag waver after round one of the Singapore Open after the Pontypridd-born pro carded a four-under-par 67.
That patriotic, old flag waver made this veteran feel warm all over reading his "Lest We--and They--Forget" article (Guncrank Diaries, Nov/Dec 2010).
Yet, having worn the Union Jack at The Open and Stars and Stripes at his first US PGA, he still wants to be the ultimate flag waver - by hunting down the world's No 1.
Two little snippets caught In), eye as I sat to write this month's report and both will gladden the heart of diesel engine enthusiasts everywhere, among whom I am a definite flag waver.
"Then leadership skills--they don't have to be a flag waver but they have to be willing to step up to the table and lead.
One insider, however, told Variety he did not see any increase more than nominally above inflation, undermining the government's credibility as a flag waver for the British movie biz.
Not you Aquarius, you're a flag waver, a shouter and drawing attention to a cause is what you do.