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Noun1.Flagellata - protozoa having flagellaFlagellata - protozoa having flagella    
phylum Protozoa, Protozoa - in some classifications considered a superphylum or a subkingdom; comprises flagellates; ciliates; sporozoans; amoebas; foraminifers
flagellate, flagellate protozoan, flagellated protozoan, mastigophoran, mastigophore - a usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals
Cilioflagellata, Dinoflagellata, order Cilioflagellata, order Dinoflagellata - in some classifications considered a phylum of the kingdom Protista; in others included in the plant phylum Pyrrophyta
subclass Zoomastigina, Zoomastigina - in some classifications considered a phylum of the kingdom Protista; holozoic or saprozoic flagellates
Phytomastigina, subclass Phytomastigina - plantlike flagellates containing chlorophyll; often considered unicellular algae
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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flagellata (Say, 1827), was described from Oaxaca ("in provincia Oajaca dicta") and the type locality carelessly positioned near the Pacific coast (l.c.: 244, "Mexique, dans l'Etat d'Oajaca, pres du Pacifique").
Tertiary fossil species of the Rhinotermitidae (Isoptera) phylogeny, and reciprocal phylogeny of associated Flagellata (Protozoa) and the Staphylinidae (Coleoptera).
(57) "Sino da piccola, prima d'arrivare alli 5 anni, meditando la passione del Signore, non trovando quel dolore efficace che havrebbe voluto, s'imagino (sic) che fosse sua madre quella persona che era flagellata, crocifissa etc, e anche nella meditatione di San Bonaventura seguito a esercitarsi ne i misterij del Signore" (Per via di annichilazione 195).
Within the R-2 and R-3 fill layers, faunal remains were recovered, including Strombus pugilis, Oliva sayana, Pomacea flagellata, and Unionidae bivalves which regularly only appear in Middle Preclassic contexts [93].
Characterization of oviposition snail Pomacea flagellata (Say, 1827) under experimental conditions
flagellata, probably because achenes of both species frequently occur together (Velichkevich & Zastawniak, 2003).
X X X Trichocercidae Trichocerca flagellata Hauer, 1937 X Trichocerca pusilla Lauterborn, 1898 X X X Trichocerca similis Wierzejski, 1893 X Trichocerca stylata (Gosse, 1851) X X Species richness 36 48 47 35 Table 3.
In another report long duration of exposure to amisulpiride found to cause Flagellata erythema followed by pigmentation and photosentivity (1).
Data on species composition, abundance, and distribution of Amphipoda [8], Flagellata [9], Bivalvia [10], and Oligochaeta [11] were obtained.
Tertiary fossil species of the Rhinotermitidae (Isoptera), phylogeny of genera, and reciprocal phylogeny of associated Flagellata (Protozoa) and the Staphylinidae (Coleoptera).