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Noun1.Flagellata - protozoa having flagellaFlagellata - protozoa having flagella    
phylum Protozoa, Protozoa - in some classifications considered a superphylum or a subkingdom; comprises flagellates; ciliates; sporozoans; amoebas; foraminifers
flagellate, flagellate protozoan, flagellated protozoan, mastigophoran, mastigophore - a usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals
Cilioflagellata, Dinoflagellata, order Cilioflagellata, order Dinoflagellata - in some classifications considered a phylum of the kingdom Protista; in others included in the plant phylum Pyrrophyta
subclass Zoomastigina, Zoomastigina - in some classifications considered a phylum of the kingdom Protista; holozoic or saprozoic flagellates
Phytomastigina, subclass Phytomastigina - plantlike flagellates containing chlorophyll; often considered unicellular algae
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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57) "Sino da piccola, prima d'arrivare alli 5 anni, meditando la passione del Signore, non trovando quel dolore efficace che havrebbe voluto, s'imagino (sic) che fosse sua madre quella persona che era flagellata, crocifissa etc, e anche nella meditatione di San Bonaventura seguito a esercitarsi ne i misterij del Signore" (Per via di annichilazione 195).
Reproductive aspects of Pomacea flagellata (Mollusca: Ampullariidae) at Bacalar lagoon, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
flagellata are wider, with more rounded angles in cross-section, and with the base distinctly widened, platform-like (Fig.
X X X Trichocercidae Trichocerca flagellata Hauer, 1937 X Trichocerca pusilla Lauterborn, 1898 X X X Trichocerca similis Wierzejski, 1893 X Trichocerca stylata (Gosse, 1851) X X Species richness 36 48 47 35 Table 3.