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 (flăg′stăd′, fläg′städ′), Kirsten Malfrid 1895-1962.
Norwegian operatic soprano known for her performances as Wagnerian heroines.


(ˈflæɡstæd; Norwegian ˈflaksta)
(Biography) Kirsten (ˈçirstən). 1895–1962, Norwegian operatic soprano, noted particularly for her interpretations of Wagner


(ˈflæg stæd)

Kirsten Marie, 1895–1962, Norwegian soprano.
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His songs were sung by the likes of Jussi Bjoerling and Kirsten Flagstad, and the single song included on this disk, "Elegy," is a tantalizing glimpse that leaves us hungry to hear more from this elusive and largely forgotten figure.
Danish brand Tonsure was created by Malte Flagstad, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and former designer for Martin Margiela.
With confidence in his new vision Bing announced in a press conference in February 1950 that the Met would be welcoming the return of Wagnerian soprano Kirsten Flagstad. Because of Flagstad's purported connection to the Third Reich in Germany during the Second World War, many were outraged and loudly objected.
Si bien ya no la joven torrente de voz de hace entonces doce anos, confirmo por que era una de las Isoldas mas admiradas, a la zaga por supuesto del las nordicas Kirsten Flagstad y Birgit Nilsson, seduciendonos todavia con su hermosa emision y una tecnica capaz de envolvernos con sus aterciopelados pianos y de provocar admiracion con sus muchos y sobrecogedores solos de potencia y aguante.
Underlying the aesthetic object are all the elements pertaining to the production of the opera, including the spectators--"for it is no more irrelevant [for the aesthetic perception] that thousands of gazes converge and that a human intercommunication is knit in silence." (39) He goes on to describe the appearance on stage of the actress: "Kirsten Flagstad, who has such splendid air of health, is not Isolde, the frail Isolde who is dying of love.
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Let's not forget that these miraculous creations were premiered in London in 1950 by one of the greatest-ever Brunnhildes, Kirsten Flagstad.
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