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Noun1.Flagyl - antiprotozoal medication (trade name Flagyl) used to treat trichomoniasis and giardiasis
antiprotozoal, antiprotozoal drug - a medicinal drug used to fight diseases (like malaria) that are caused by protozoa
brand, brand name, marque, trade name - a name given to a product or service
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Tenders are invited for supply of medicines/Drugs/Dental materials/Laboratory regent and X-ray films/ minor surgical instruments:Inj Zenflox-Oz (Infusion)_,Inj Azoflox -Oz (Infusion)_,Inj Orni-O (Infusion)_,Inj Aristoeyl_,Inj Flagyl (Infusion)_
He has supervised the clinical development of new drugs, biopharmaceuticals, cellular therapy agents, and vaccines as well as having held a prominent role in the approval of several new drug (metronidazole - Flagyl MR ), biological (interferon alpha - Multiferon, nafarelin -- Synarel) and device (Inerpan) applications in the US in the EC and the granting of over 20 successful INDs and IMPDs.
9%, 1000 ml q8h, and antibiotics were initiated to include Rocephin (ceftriaxone) of 2 g q12h and Flagyl (metronidazole) of 500 mg q6h.
13) The use of herbal anti-parasitics was also discussed and Dave chose to take the Flagyl and to follow up with herbs to increase the possibility of eradication and successful treatment.
Blood cultures were drawn and she was started on IV Vancomycin, ceftraixone, flagyl and dexamethasone for suspected meningitis.
tarnarii Senna alata ++ ++ ++ Ciposil ++ ++ ++ Flagyl ++ ++ ++ Samtrin ++ ++ ++ Fulcin ++ ++ ++ Extract + Ciposil ++ ++ ++ Extract + Flagyl ++ ++ ++ Extract + Samtrin +++ ++ ++ Extract+ Fulcin +++ +++ +++ A.
She was treated with Flagyl, yet another antibiotic.
Michael Jelinek, who, on July 11, prescribed two medications, Maxipime (a broad-spectrum antibiotic), and Flagyl (an antibiotic used to treat anaerobic bacteria).
3 mg/kg IM, Metacam, Boehringer Ingelheim, Saint Joseph, MO, USA), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (60 mg/kg IM, Tribrissen 48%, Schering-Plough, Summit, NJ, USA), subcutaneous fluids (50 mL/kg per day SC, lactated Ringer's solution), metronidazole (30 mg/kg PO, Flagyl, Pfizer, NY, USA), and an enema of 20 mL of warm sterile saline.
Another in Alaska put me on Flagyl, a potent anti-protozoal for parasites.