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An aimless idler; a loafer.

[French, from flâner, to idle about, stroll, of Germanic origin; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


an idler or loafer
[C19: see flânerie]



n., pl. -neurs (-ˈnœr)
idler; dawdler.


A French word meaning dawdler, used to mean someone who engages in aimless or idle behavior.
References in classic literature ?
The prisoner was defended by Mr Patrick Butler, K.C., who was mistaken for a mere flaneur by those who misunderstood the Irish character-- and those who had not been examined by him.
And yet, both were clever enough to recognize that creative inspiration comes from all angles, and their shared status as card-carrying flaneurs indicates a penchant for peeling back the layers of the past.
Para isso, existiam, os flaneurs e os fisiologistas de Paris, especialistas em vagar pela cidade para perfilar os tipos urbanos, estrangeiros oriundos da vida domestica e privada da casa para compor o cenario publico e aberto da cidade e que seriam objeto de analise de Walter Benjamin (1994a) no livro que escreveu sobre o poeta Charles Baudelaire.
But it did make sense to me: Rosie and I had almost been flaneurs together.
Organise par le nouvel organisme en arts interdisciplinaires et numeriques Les flaneurs erratiques, sous la direction de Sophie Castonguay, l'evenement attira 200 personnes deux soirees durant.
LiveTrekker: This French app is a dream for flaneurs who love to wander without a map and yet, later, long to see where they've been.
Part of the enjoyment with which the narrator describes this scene lies in what Gluck describes as the flaneurs "ironic detachment from the dominant social order [...], [the] subtle challenge to bourgeois norms of propriety, discipline and conformity" (61).
Tout ce que comptent les parages du rond-point de la Gironde comme badauds, passants et flaneurs ont accouru febrilement sur le lieu de la scene.
E foi assim que os fisiologistas, os flaneurs, os cronistas e os jornalistas documentaram o significado e a essencia da rua na modernidade, levando a sugestao de Machado de Assis ao pe da letra: "Nao nos envergonhemos de viver na rua; e muito mais fresco" (ASSIS apud PAIVA DE LUCA, 1998, p.
More recent contributions have pointed to Parisian park-life or advertising and to the emergence of department stores and forms of (window) shopping as areas where middleclass women towards the end of the 19thCentury would have achieved a public presence, (7) whereas cinema-going appears to have been the single activity up until World War II that could legitimate female spectatorship and streetwalking (Friedberg, "Les Flaneurs du Mal(1)"; Bruno, Streetwalking on a Ruined Map; Gleber).
Benjamin's elaboration of the ambivalent nature of flaneur lends us a critical eye to examine the pro-bourgeois and pro-institutional tendency of Conrad's male characters beneath their apparent roles as subversive flaneurs.
Flaneurs The Traverse, Edinburgh 24.05.13 MEET Jenna Watt.