Flank movement

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a change of march by an army, or portion of one, in order to turn one or both wings of the enemy, or to take up a new position.

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Without stopping to examine this edifice, I executed a flank movement to the right and crossed the bridge over the Findelenbach, after first testing its strength.
A flank movement produced an unconditional surrender, however, for Laurie knew where to have him.
Finding their front line too strong, he made a flank movement and attacked them in the rear, driving them across a small creek, where he was unable to follow on account of the smallness of his force.
Davis of the Second Cavalry wrote: "Chief Joseph had engineered as neat a double flank movement as could be imagined, and we were exposed to a raking fire coming from right and left."
Bridgford extended their lead just before half-time when a quick right flank movement overwhelmed GPT's defence.The visitors dominated possession in the second half but were hit by a sucker-punch when Bridgford scored with a lucky strike.