Flash house

a house frequented by flash people, as thieves and whores; hence, a brothel.
- Macaulay.

See also: Flash

References in classic literature ?
There were the junior clerks of flash houses - young gentlemen with tight coats, bright boots, well-oiled hair, and supercilious lips.
Bobby Dazzler was recently chosen as a key ingredient in North Shieldsbased Flash House Brewing Company's Shy Bairns Get Stout 2, with its big espresso hit.
The focus is on quality products at affordable prices while the beers on sale in bottles and cans come from local brewers Flash House, which is in North Shields itself; Firebrick in Blaydon and Anarchy in Morpeth.
Fast forward a few years and he's one of Britain's biggest stars - and now he's got the suitably flash London pad to go with it, complete with a flash house guest and equally flash neighbours.
Enjoy the chef's Southern-inspired food, and country line dancing led by Jason Mayotte, photographer with Flash House Studio in Worcester who also teaches line dancing a few nights a week.
The customer service worker, who moved from Newport to Oldbury, Birmingham, with her then two-year-old son after splitting up with his dad more than 20 years ago, said: "Tony thought he could make money by selling drugs, but he had nothing to show for it - he wasn't a flash drug dealer, he didn't have flash cars or a flash house.
George was kept in the Isle of Man during World War I and by then he had six children and had a farm called Flash House Farm Fartown.
If you have a high-paying job and you lose it, most would realise that the flash house and car would have to go.
Stansfield did not live in a flash house or drive a flash car.
Given his reckless bling-blingy party lifestyle and no fresh cash coming in, the falling star is swiftly relieved of flash house and girlfriend (raunch rapper Lil' Kim, in little more than a cameo).
Instead of owning a flash house and car from his boxing exploits, the fighter, who earned a small fortune from his world title shot and a tilt at the Commonwealth crown, is now forced to live with sister Lisa and brother-in-law Barry.