Flashcards have arrived at The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary has always been a great resource for students and learners of all levels, and it just got even more interactive—with flashcards!
Flashcards are great for studying for your next big test, but there's so much more you can do!
  • Boost your vocabulary.
  • Learn words in a new language.
  • Master those tricky words you've never been able to remember.
  • And more! The possibilities are endless.

Here's how it works:

You can create a flashcard by choosing any word for the front of the card, and then choosing its definition, translation, synonym, or antonym for the back of the card.

To create a flashcard:

1. To get started, go to any definition page and find the Flashcards box on the right side of the page.
2. Click to select which type of flashcard you want to create.
3. Scroll through the options to select the content that will appear the back side of the card, or type your own.
4. To finish and save the card, click "Create." If you want to save the flashcard to a set, choose that set from the dropdown menu above. Flashcard sets can be created on the homepage with the following instructions.

To create a flashcard set:

1. Go to the homepage.
2. In the flashcards box, click the "new set" icon to create a set in which flashcards can be kept. A set can be created before or after you've created flashcards.
3. To move flashcards into that set after they've been created, select each flashcard you want to move into that set by clicking on the box in the bottom right corner of the card. Next, click the "edit” button, select "Move to…," and then choose which set you want the flashcard to appear in.
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Coming soon: Flashcards for The Free Dictionary apps!
How will you use your flashcards? Let us know!
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