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Noun1.flat bone - part of the sirloin next to the wedge bone
cut of beef - cut of meat from beef cattle
sirloin - the portion of the loin (especially of beef) just in front of the rump
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In our private room the cloth could not, for any earthly consideration, have been laid for dinner without a huge glass dish of cranberries in the middle of the table; and breakfast would have been no breakfast unless the principal dish were a deformed beef- steak with a great flat bone in the centre, swimming in hot butter, and sprinkled with the very blackest of all possible pepper.
It originates in fibrous tissue of bone and invades long or flat bones. Currently, there are very few ways to treat fibrosarcoma.
'The unintentional mistake is the fact there were 26 boxes of frozen pork flat bones [that] were mixed instead of purely from pork cutting fat,' the letter read, a copy of which was obtained by the BusinessMirror.
They preferentially affect the flat bones, especially the scapular and pelvic girdles, but may also affect the diaphyseal parts of the long bones.2,3
Alice Utlang said in a text message that 260 kilograms of frozen pork flat bones declared to have come from Germany turned out to be from Poland, one of the countries with ASF cases.
Alice Utlang, city veterinary office head, said 260 kilos of frozen pork flat bones from Poland consigned to Enzo Meat Products and 378 kilos of pork cutting fat from Belgium imported by EN Asia Import Export Corp.
The frozen pork products, composed of pork cutting fat, pork ham fat, and flat bones, were brought into the country by FNAsia Import Export Corp.
Matthew's cranial region of the face is made of flat bones and a chunk of his skull was missing because he was born with a rare facial deformity called acrania.
Its involvement includes long bones (47%), ribs and vertebrae (12%), and flat bones (29%) (1).
The most common sites of OC development are the metaphyseal region of the long bones of the limbs, while flat bones are less commonly involved [2].
Contrary to osteosarcomas, ES commonly involves flat bones in a proportion as high as 50% [1].
Flat bones can also harbor this tumor, where it has been described in the pelvis, ribs, patella, sternum, clavicle, and vertebrae.