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A railroad freight car without sides or a roof.


(Railways) US a railroad car without raised sides or ends



a railroad car consisting of a platform without sides or top.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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Noun1.flatcar - freight car without permanent sides or roofflatcar - freight car without permanent sides or roof
freight car - a railway car that carries freight
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Springing aboard the passing train and running over the tops of cars, Elmer sprang down to a flat car and lying on his face looked back, trying to see the fallen man in the darkness.
She had visualized him filling his car, and mentally had followed his coal as it was carried up to the surface to be dumped into the hopper, weighed and dropped down the chute into the flat cars.
But next morning when we came to pull out for Quito with a dozen flat cars loaded with rails, there she was in the cab waiting for us; and in the daylight I could see how much better a looker she was than the night before.
He saw the flat cars, piled high with the bodies of the slain, consigned to Vera Cruz, food for the sharks of the bay.
But Latinazo said RCBC Savings would have to be a bit conservative given that the local automotive industry was projecting flat car sales this year coming from last year.
A fail-safe jump-starter for flat car, boat or truck batteries, a system for rapidly and safely loading stretchered patients into aircraft, and online dispute resolution software that will help to free up the court system are among 11 Australian innovations that will be offered a $5 million boost to help them enter global markets.
Flat car batteries are a pain but before you call the breakdown company see if you can get going without them.
For those visiting loved ones and travelling by car to the new Northumbria hospital, there will be a flat car parking rate of PS1 per day.
AAR reiterated that it's much more cost effective to move rail intermodal shipments in containers than in trailers, largely because containers can be double-stacked and are easier to load onto and take off a railroad flat car than trailers.
Bosch has released a series of six animated videos offering Do It Yourself (DIY) advice on YouTube to motorists who dread the prospect of a flat car battery leaving them stranded on the roadside.
This weak demand is partly due to flat car sales in Europe (where diesel engines are proportionally more popular than in the US or China) and partly because of the increasing substitution of cheaper palladium for platinum, due to technological innovation.
The carriage was the same size as a railroad flat car but with smaller wheels.