Flat chisel

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a sculptor's chisel for smoothing.
- Knight.

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Available in three lengths for various applications, the HB 4200 options include the moil point for multi-purpose use, the flat chisel for rock breaking and demolition and the blunt tool for rock breaking, concrete and reducing oversized material.
Sometimes referred to as a "Shape 1" tool this is basically a flat chisel beveled on both sides.
Tenders are invited for Non Sparking Tools 1Set 24 Items Make-Taparia/Gadore As Per List- 1 Flat Chisel 300X25 Mm 02Nos 2 Pin Punch18x175 02Nos 3 Wrench Double Open End 16X17 02Nos 4 Wrench Double Open End 18X19 02Nos 5 Wrench Double Open End 24 X 27 02Nos 6 Wrench Double Open End 30 X 32 02Nos 7 Spanner Double Ring End 16 X17 02Nos 8 Spanner Double Ring End 18 X 19 02Nos 9 Spanner Double Ring End 24 X 27 02Nos 10 Spanner Double Ring End 30 X 32 02Nos 11 Ball Pein Hammer 450Grms01no 12 Ball Pein Hammer 680Grms 01No 13 Pipe Wrench 30 X250 01No 14 Pipe Wrench 40 X 300 01No