flat foot

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flat´ foot`

1.(Med.) A foot in which the arch of the instep is flattened so that the entire sole of the foot rests upon the ground; also, the deformity, usually congential, exhibited by such a foot; splayfoot.
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He had but one leg, set just below the middle of his round, fat body; but it was a stout leg and had a broad, flat foot at the bottom of it, on which the man seemed to stand very well.
His flat foot crashed over the keyhole, the lock gave, the door flew open, and in the sudden draught the landing gas heeled over like a cobble in a squall; as the flame righted itself I saw a fixed bath, two bath-towels knotted together--an open window--a cowering figure--and Raffles struck aghast on the threshold.
If it is a flexible flat foot, it is usually pain free and doesn't need any treatment.
And if it is a flexible flat foot which is usually pain free, it doesn't need any treatment.
Some studies describe how podological pathologies increase with age (21), while others describe how flat foot decreases with age after adjusting for other covariables (22), and others indicate that neither age, gender or BMI are related to flat feet (23).
Background: Flat foot, as one of the common foot deformities can affect gait biomechanics and risk of lower extremity injury.
The aim of study is to investigate existence of relationship between flat foot as one of the most important foot disorder and stress urinary incontinence.
Children diagnosed with flat foot should complete specific exercises or wear special medical corrective shoes in order to help them walk properly and prevent pain Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) consultant orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mohamed al-Sharani has recommended.
Exclusion criteria were any other disorders different than flat foot that may impact on subject's gait and plantar pressure distribution.
We are suggesting the conduction of a study on improving the physical deficiency through physical exercises, which is the flat foot.
Flat foot (over-pronated) is the term used to describe a condition of the foot which consists of an absent or abnormally low, longitudinal arch.
The standard podiatric treatment for painful flat foot deformities is the use of a rigid arch support.