Flat rods

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(Mining) horizontal or inclined connecting rods, for transmitting motion to pump rods at a distance.

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With IP ratings of IP40, IP54, IP65 and IP66, these rugged locking handles offer the OEM panel builder a complete package from the 80 and 120mm versions for enclosures through to the main range of 160mm and 200+mm handles for round or flat rods on large cabinets.
A 12 kg lot was performed in these conditions, 2 kg for each dosage of VTCr2, 5TiD typed tubular and flat rods that were tested from the welding behaviour point of view and in order to determine the characteristics of the coated material (MD).
8mm round rods or 3x14mm flat rods are used to interconnect between individual latches which may be LH or RH closing.
Coventry, United Kingdom, May 24, 2015 --(PR.com)-- EMKA - the “everything but the enclosure” company have developed their modular locking program to include round rods, square rods and flat rods with extensive fittings and accessories such as push-on rod guides to make the package easy to use for specialist panel builders.
Quarter-turn lever handles for padlocking are also available, as is an anti-vandal swinghandle type for profile cylinders and flat rods.
Both pre-assembled complete systems and bespoke modular systems are addressed for swinghandles, quarter-turn handles and quarter-turn locks, matched to round and flat rods. The data sheet is downloadable at www.fdb.co.uk/images/multipointlocking.pdf
These are mated to industry standard 14x3mm flat rods by simple clip-in mechanism - they are also then located by clip-in rod guides and are installed with clip-fix roller end shoe for positive gasket pull down.
These flat rod multi-point locking systems offer a number of advantages for larger cabinets enhanced by these EMKA clip-in guides which offer easy tool-free mounting, high grip forces, smooth rattle-free operation and easy dismantling (to suit industry standard 3mm x 14mm rods).