Flat tint

(Painting) a coat of water color of one uniform shade.

See also: Flat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Particularly affected are flat tints, such as blue sky and some flesh tones, areas where, without correction inkjet presses struggle to compete with offset lithography and flexography.
Meanwhile, the 'Logbook of a digital explorer' is a show by multimedia artist 'Arturo', whose works turn images and coloured flat tints into perpetual motion.
Utilizing fixed palette inks the screening delivers smooth flat tints and moire free prints.
To evaluate exterior film performance properties of paints formulated at higher levels of [TiO.sub.2] replacement with opaque polymer, an experiment was designed using multiple [TiO.sub.2] reductions for a high quality exterior flat tinted with 2 oz of phthalo blue.
Furthermore, their treatment in flat tints contrasts sharply with the bulges of their contours, and the colors they are cloaked in--white on black, acid hues or artificial ones that seem somehow edible, like bubble-gum pink or lemon yellow, instead of the natural greens of vegetation--blur their identities.
Dots are created in a carefully controlled maimer, to ensure detail is placed exactly where it is needed, vignettes are smooth and flat tints are 'flat.'The result is a quality of print, particularly on flexible substrates, which was previously unobtainable.
Cross-modulated screens give smooth, noise-free flat tints while retaining fine detail in highlights and shadows.They allow users to print screens at a higher fine ruling than would normally be considered reliable, produce pin-sharp images and help overcome common printing imperfections like visible rosettes and more.