n.1.A kind of low-crowned cap formerly worn by all classes in England, and continued in London after disuse elsewhere; - hence, a citizen of London.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They may not have been intended for Villa supporters, but if the flat-cap fits...
The Apprentice BBC1, 9pm It's certainly been a dramatic series - from the triple firing that followed the YouTube channel task, to the flat-cap handbags at dawn between Daniel, Mark and Felipe over who should get to sell hot tubs at a country show, there's been no shortage of tension.
STOKE CITY supporters will pay tribute to ex-boss Tony Pulis by wearing his trademark flat-cap at Selhurst Park.
Author's flat-cap tales at town book-signing AUTHOR Ian McMillan forgot his flat cap when in Huddersfield this week.
From a background of traditional heavy industries and a perception of flat-cap northerners, the area is one of the most artistic cities in the country with buildings to match.
Wilma Harrison, 68, Walker: People have the idea that the North East is a flat-cap, working-class society.
The new police technique worked when a man recognised Wood - nicknamed "The Flat-Cap Robber".
A man arrested by detectives hunting a prolific armed raider dubbed "the flat-cap robber" appeared before magistrates yesterday charged with robbery and firearms offences.
On the windows of their classic Victorian alehouse, a sign reads: "We don't discriminate, flat-cap wearers!
The Stratford Road chippy opened during the May 2010 election and if its flat-cap wearing Greek gaffer Stavros stood as Mr Chips next time he'd win lots of votes.
Detectives ordered the cut-out of the man, who has been dubbed the flat-cap robber, to illustrate his small stature, which they believe is a major clue to his identity.
Dressed in a flat-cap, scarf and long brown coat, Guy picked up his guitar as they took a breather while filming in Manchester - two weeks after announcing his split from Madge, 50, who's worth pounds 300million.