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Noun1.flat panel display - a type of video display that is thin and flat; commonly used in laptop computers
video display, display - an electronic device that represents information in visual form
portable computer - a personal computer that can easily be carried by hand
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The model features side windows replaced with custom-built fibreglass body panels with eight Infinity eight-inch speakers, a 50-inch flat-panel monitor with running footage from the tour, a full-size grille that slides out of the boot, custom paintwork, 20-inch wheels and ambient LED lighting.
The newest desktop video magnifier (or closed-circuit television) in the Aladdin family of magnifying products is the Apex Pro, which incorporates an adjustable flat-panel monitor with the same features of the Aladdin Apex and Genie Pro.
The MultiSync LCD-2690WUXIBKSV from NEC is a 26-inch widescreen flat-panel monitor that incorporates several innovative display technologies including: IPS LCD module technology for color applications; ColorComp, a uniformity and correction technology designed to reduce brightness errors and compensate for differences in color and luminance; and, the new X-Light Pro technology which allows for immediate brightness stability and continuous monitoring and adjustment of light output levels and color temperature.
The compact device can be attached to a laptop screen or flat-panel monitor, or it can sit on a desk or CRT monitor with rubber grips to keep it in place.
Each suite includes a flat-panel monitor with an on-demand digital video and music system.
TO HELP INCREASE user productivity, Lenovo's new 17-inch ThinkVision L171p LCD flat-panel monitor offers the option of viewing work in either the traditional landscape or vertically oriented portrait mode.
The LCD flat-panel monitor plays a variety of multimedia files, including JPEG, AVI, and MP3.
All information is displayed on a flat-panel monitor.
But when Sharp decided to feather its booth at CES with the units, retailers "have been going crazy over them." Wonder how consumers would react to a leather-bound, flat-panel monitor...
The ODD features an x-ray detector with three image acquisition modes for maximum flexibility, automatic noise level reduction for sharp image quality, and a large, ultra high-resolution flat-panel monitor for viewing flexibility.
A typical 15-inch flat-panel monitor costs about $300 and a 17-inch model (the most popular size) is going for about $450.
Samsung's SyncMaster[TM] 171N flat-panel monitor incorporates what is said to be the narrowest bezel of any 17" display.