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 (flăt′lănd′, -lənd)
1. Land that varies little in elevation.
2. flatlands A geographic area composed chiefly of land that varies little in elevation.

flat′land′er n.


censorious US a term used in various hilly or mountainous regions of North America, particularly Vermont, to denote an outsider, someone who doesn't belong
References in classic literature ?
Well, that is my fate: and it is as natural for us Flatlanders to lock up a Square for preaching the Third Dimension, as it is for you Spacelanders to lock up a Cube for preaching the Fourth.
The first objection is, that a Flatlander, seeing a Line, sees something that must be THICK to the eye as well as LONG to the eye (otherwise it would not be visible, if it had not some thickness); and consequently he ought (it is argued) to acknowledge that his countrymen are not only long and broad, but also (though doubtless in a very slight degree) THICK or HIGH.
The Stockton Extreme Bike Battle at Stockton Riverside was one of Sunday's highlights where some of the best riders in the country took on three disciplines - Flatlanders, BMXers and Mountainbike.
For instance, flatlanders (like me) get 99.9 percent radar coverage in our mountain-free region, all taken for granted.
All you flatlanders shake your head and wonder what kind of pilot would use a webcam for aviation weather, but I am here to tell you it is a prudent one.
The thin, high-altitude atmosphere of the West's rugged mountains can also leave even fit flatlanders gasping for breath until their bodies are able to assimilate.
The first morning I discovered we flatlanders don't do well at 15,000 feet.
Where "Boogie Nights" (and the subsequent "Magnolia" and "Punch Drunk Love") were deeply rooted in the San Fernando Valley, where Anderson grew up and still resides, "Inherent Vice" is a South Bay tale, set in a hippified Manhattan Beach where anyone from East of the 405 freeway--"flatlanders," in Pynchon-speak--is viewed with innate suspicion.
We have a trio of songs dedicated to news that a man in Texas was diagnosed with Ebola this week, starting with MGMT's "Mystery Disease." Then, because it occurred in Dallas, we have The Flatlanders singing their song that shares its name with the city.
He asks us to imagine a species of "flatlanders" attempting to assemble a Moebius strip.
I worked for Action Photography for one unforgettable summer, in 1988, in the tiny town of West Forks, Maine, at the junction of the Kennebec and Dead rivers, where the population swells in the summer to accommodate adventure-seeking Flatlanders. That's what they called me when I arrived...