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n. pl. fla·vi·vi·rus·es
Any of a genus of RNA viruses that are transmitted by insects and ticks, including the viruses that cause yellow fever, dengue, and various types of encephalitis.

[flav(o)- (because the virus causing yellow fever is the type species of the genus) + virus.]


1. (Medicine) a type of arbovirus that causes a wide range of diseases in humans, including yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile fever. It is spread by ticks or mosquitoes
2. (Microbiology) a type of arbovirus that causes a wide range of diseases in humans, including yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile fever. It is spread by ticks or mosquitoes
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Noun1.flavivirus - animal viruses belonging to the family Flaviviridae
Flaviviridae - a family of arboviruses carried by arthropods
West Nile encephalitis virus, West Nile virus - the flavivirus that causes West Nile encephalitis
animal virus - an animal pathogen that is a virus
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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays using novel Japanese encephalitis virus antigen improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis of flavivirus infections.
New data suggest that Zika virus infection, similar to some other flavivirus infections, may result in Zika antibodies staying in the body for months after infection for some individuals.
The plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) allows discrimination of antiZika virus antibodies from other potential cross-reacting antibodies due to other flavivirus infections.
Tyring also discussed the cutaneous manifestations and other symptoms of the flavivirus infections dengue and chikungunya.
The emerging picture of Zika's potential for prolonged viremia has prompted the CDC to recommend clinicians use reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing rather than serologic testing, as it is more sensitive and helps rule out other flavivirus infections, which require different management, Dr.
Flavivirus serology is complex, due to extensive cross-reactivity between antibodies made in response to different flavivirus infections or vaccination.
Excivion is a private UK company that has developed a proprietary antigen design platform for viral vaccines which it is applying to flavivirus infections.
Rheumatoid factor may lead to an IgM capture assay that is false positive for dengue and like many other flavivirus infections (albeit lesser than with dengue IgG assays) [28].
WNV specific IgM and IgG capture ELISA tests and the Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test (PRNT) detecting WNV specific neutralizing antibodies in CSF and serum remains the assay required for confirmation of flavivirus infections.
Reactivity of serum samples from patients with Flavivirus infections measured by immunefluorescense assay and ELISA.
As with most of the flavivirus infections, serology is the most practical method of diagnosis, and virus isolation and RT-PCR have limited utility.
The West Nile virus study, "Inhibition of Flavivirus Infections by Antisense Oligomers Specifically Suppressing Viral Translation and RNA Replication," tested the ability of AVI's NEUGENE drugs to inhibit West Nile virus infection, as well as infection by other viruses of the flavivirus family.