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Regular grooming and using a flea comb will help to remove any fleas on your dog and alert you to their presence.
They include the Combo Brush with Bristles and Stainless Steel Pins in two different sizes, the Curry Brush with Rubber Bristles, the Dematting Rake with Stainless Steel Serrated Blades in two sizes, the Flea Comb with 77 Rotating Pins, the Palm Brush with Boar Bristles, the Rotating Pin Comb in two sizes and the Slicker Brush with Stainless Steel Pins in three sizes.
Groom your pets Regularly use a flea comb and check there are no black or white specks - a sign your pet has fleas.
Most of the exam will be visual, but you'll need a few basic tools to do the job right: a flea comb, a stiff wire brush or heavy metal comb for combing out burrs, and cotton swabs and saline solution.
On the pet front, Paul has one main suggestion: flea comb. He says to flea comb the animal so that the fleas end up in soapy water.
Because the dog had already been treated for fleas, Conrad tried using a flea comb, natural remedies and flea baths, and even spraying his yard, but nothing helped.
According to Adamson, by using preventative measures such as vacuuming, washing bedding, brushing pets with a flea comb and using organic non-detergent shampoos with neem oil, it's possible to control fleas and ticks.