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also flé·chette  (flā-shĕt′, flĕ-)
A steel missile or dart dropped from an aircraft or fired from an artillery piece.

[French, diminutive of flèche, arrow; see flèche.]
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(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a steel dart or missile dropped from an aircraft, as in World War I
[from French; see flèche]
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a small dartlike metal projectile used as shrapnel in antipersonnel bombs and shells.
[1910–15; < French]
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Firing ball ammo, explosive rounds and flechettes, the machine gun performed reasonably well and garnered favorable reviews.
* 30 rounds of Sabot Designs LLC Flechette ammo, each round having seven flechettes weighing eight grains each, for a total of 56 grains.
They shone like flechettes. I bent to the hole and smelled something weird.
Le comite ne manquera pas d'adresser des flechettes acerbes a la direction du club.
(35) Warheads feasible in the near term include designs for kinetic strikes, for penetrating hard surfaces, and, for aboveground soft targets, the kinetic energy projectile, which promises to deliver thousands of tungsten flechettes to clear an area of 3,000 square feet--roughly a radius of 10 yards.
Shana and the two children were killed by a eIuflechetteeIN shell containing up to 5,000 5cm-long steel darts (or flechettes) that spread over an area as big as a football pitch when fired.
Instead of firing bullets from the tround, however, they used high velocity flechettes.
like the flechettes described above, that would be fused to disperse
Think flechettes. The projectiles have no lead core but are rather a solid copper alloy.