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Exactly what is meant by "oder flet" has been debated: does it mean that the Danes and the Frisians share a hall, or that the Danes are in fact to dwell in another building entirely?
So, the findings of present research, regarding the relation between dimensions of perfectionism and anxiety, bused on the subject that among dimensions of perfectionism, socio centrism perfectionism has the most relation with anxiety, is congruent with Howit, Flet and Beshart's findings.
The service can be downloaded, starting this month, from the "FLET's Market" when the consumer sets up their device.
The service can be downloaded from this month via the "FLET's Market" when the consumer sets up their device.
NTT of Japan still leads as largest VoIP provider, with 12.6m VoIP subscribers (2Q11, +18% YoY) as a result of the steady uptake of its fibre-optic-based bundled service FLET's Hikari.
Despite its modest price of JPY 79,000, the new router supports virtual private network (VPN)(1) connections as fast as 440 Mbps, enabling it to accommodate high-speed WAN(2) services in excess of 100 Mbps, such as FLET'S Hikari Next or au Hikari.
Por, Manifestimi Amerikan i Paradoksializmit eshte vecanerisht nje revolte e emigrantit ne Shtetet e Bashkuara qe nuk flet anglisht, kundra gjuhes--nje liber i shkruar me nje antigjuhe qe eshte dicka me shume se nje anglishte e thyer (fjalimi amerikan i se nesermes ?).
The service, named Group-Ether, is a best-effort service offering low-cost nationwide network coverage by taking advantage of broadband access lines that NTT Com's sister companies NTT East and NTT West provide with certain versions of their FLET'S-branded Internet access services.
unattractive and impractical" and that it was "an answer to problems we don't have, using a philosophy we don't share." In other parts of the world, like Japan for example, the nation's largest phone company, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, operates a service called Flet's Square that serves video-on-demand at speeds and levels of service higher than generic Internet traffic.
In the chapter on Lothlorien, again, Frodo climbs up a tree to a flet, or platform, with Haldir.
Any of them might have flet the breeze of the swinging axe.
JOYELLE McSWEENEY is the author of The Commandrine and Other Poems and The Red Bird, both from Fence, as well as Nylund, the Sarcographer, a baroque noir novella (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2007), and Flet (Fence, 2008).