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Noun1.physical exercise - the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fitphysical exercise - the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit; "the doctor recommended regular exercise"; "he did some exercising"; "the physical exertion required by his work kept him fit"
cardiopulmonary exercise - exercise intended to strengthen the circulatory system
gymnastic exercise - (gymnastics) an exercise designed to develop and display strength and agility and balance (usually performed with or on some gymnastic apparatus)
kick up - raising the feet backward with the hands on the ground; a first movement in doing a handstand
elbow grease, exertion, effort, travail, sweat - use of physical or mental energy; hard work; "he got an A for effort"; "they managed only with great exertion"
exercise set, set - several exercises intended to be done in series; "he did four sets of the incline bench press"
anaerobic exercise, bodybuilding, muscle building, musclebuilding - exercise that builds muscles through tension
calisthenics, callisthenics - light exercises designed to promote general fitness; "several different calisthenics were illustrated in the video"
isometric exercise, isometrics - muscle-building exercises (or a system of musclebuilding exercises) involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contracts but the length of the muscle does not change)
isotonic exercise - exercise in which opposing muscles contract and there is controlled movement (tension is constant while the lengths of the muscles change); "the classic isotonic exercise is lifting free weights"
Kegel exercises, pubococcygeus exercises - exercises for women designed to improve the ability to hold urine
stretching, stretch - exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent
arm exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the arm muscles
back exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles
leg exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the leg muscles
neck exercise - exercise designed to strengthen the neck muscles
stomach exercise, tummy crunch - an exercise designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles
yoga - a system of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline to promote control of the body and mind
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Flexibility exercise can reduce perception of pain ensuring muscular exercise distress based on decreased level of residual muscle activity as a result of static stretching of the involved muscle.
It is so much more than simply a stretch and flexibility exercise.
Strectching beyond belief: a new twist on flexibility exercise", Mans sports Fitness, 17(5): 75-78.
To our knowledge, our research is the first study to examine arterial stiffness and flexibility in middle-aged adults who regularly performed flexibility exercise as part of their exercise routine, specifically SBD martial art training in comparison to sedentary subjects matched for sex and age.
They explain the principles and techniques involved in a complete program promoting aerobic conditioning, strength training, and flexibility exercise, as well as basic yoga movement to promote total relaxation training.
Hence, flexibility exercise is always part of any yoga class.
Flexibility Exercise. Stretching exercises that improve flexibility can increase range of motion and help prevent injuries and muscle pain.
It is important to highlight that there are few studies assessing electrical activity during flexibility exercise with high intensity (flexing), given that this assessment has been widely researched in strength and muscle endurance training (22,28), or muscle fatigue in functional autonomy tests (26,33), thus underscoring the relevance of the present study.
a comparison of community-based resistance exercise and flexibility exercise for seniors.
Immediately after the education part of the trial, 55 patients were randomized to a 3-month, supervised strength and flexibility exercise program.
The Pilates exercise prescription in this study was successful to enhance flexibility component in agreement with flexibility exercise prescription by ACSM [7].
Thus, these data support a beneficial effect of the flexibility exercise program used in this study.