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n.1.(Brewing) A horizontal vane revolving over the surface of wort in a cooler, to produce a circular current in the liquor.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is there that I, intent on my own investigations, have passed and re-passed a hundred times the worn leonine face, white as the snow beneath him, furrowed with wrinkles like the seams and gashes upon the North Cape; the nervous hand, integrally a part of the mechanism of his flighter; and above all, the wonderful lambent eyes turned to the zenith.
Thus equipped, he summons Herrera and Tinsley, his pupils, to the final demonstration as calmly as though he were ordering his flighter for some mid-day journey to Marseilles.
Summary: London [Britian], Mar 12 (ANI): Britain's aviation authority on Tuesday banned all commercial Boeing 737 MAX passengers flighter from the UK airspace in the wake of the fatal plane crash in Ethiopia.
In what was a mockery of this great game, let alone such a momentous occasion, the crowd eventually tried to decipher someone lobbing a flighter to a batsman they couldn't recognize and simply patted it back or did he miss it-- and then one saw the Australians celebrating the winning of the trophy.
BaE-akE-ehir is not a typical first-time top flighter. In years past the club may have gone by a different name, called a different stadium home and played in the lower rungs of Turkish football, but it is no pushover.
Li-Jun, "The application of the fuzzy-neural network controller of the flighter pose control," Aerospace Control, vol.
FLIGHTER Sasso's harness suspended from the ceiling HEALTH PECK Vet studies his patient CLASSIC Model Spitfire
"Rankin's waving the welcome flag," says Mary Lou Reed, "`Come here if you're a white flighter. Come here.
HEALTH PECK Vet studies his patient CLASSIC Model Spitfire FLIGHTER Sasso is battling to fitness
May 2000; Smart trouser suit...in white; July 2001; White jeans, patterned top; Jan 2002; White outfit, off-white coat; Aug 2002; New design...still in white; Oct 2003; Shades on a familiar theme; Jan 2004; Dazzling...even with Damian; Yesterday; Liz's flighter shade of pale at airport
Inquiries led officers to a property on Flighters Place in the city, where they found an injured 27-year-old woman.