Flint stone

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a hard, siliceous stone; a flint.
- Knight.

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Yet when Alleyne had passed him, of a sudden, out of pure devilment, he screamed out a curse at him, and sent a jagged flint stone hurtling past his ear.
"He seems to have a mania for diamonds," said Morcerf, smiling, "and I verily believe that, like Potemkin, he keeps his pockets filled, for the sake of strewing them along the road, as Tom Thumb did his flint stones."
This white-corn variety is distinguished by its hard outer covering likened to flint stone, hence its name, which serves as natural protection for the usually soft interior of the kernels.
Limited Tenders are invited for Oil Resistant Rubberised Cork Sheet, Colour Chatney Green,Green Drill Backed Rexine Cloth French Chalk Powder,Grinding Stone Wheel, Sharpening Stone, Flint Stone, Welding Glass, Soap Solution And Chalk Piece.
Earlier the head of the Aghitu-3 expedition Boris Gasparyan told ArmInfo that in the cave they had found flint stone and