flip off

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w>flip off

vt sepwegschnipsen; top, catchaufklappen
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His slippers would flip off with any sudden movement.
Pages, who had dominated Qualifying, put in his a riveting performance with the "Volt", the "Special Flip" that has him doing a back flip off his seat while the bike is in mid-air, and the 540-degree turn known as the "Flair." Pages had the crowd cheering as he nailed three of the most difficult tricks known to mankind but he crash-landed on his last jump, a flip, and was punished hard by the judges.
"In 1983, as an energetic and impulsive 15-year-old, I decided to do a back flip off a barn fence," Interrante recalls.
But occasion flip off belt or elt, no you say rance, aint is y to ury.
Flip off the light to night flight and rain magnifies the apparent brightness of the ALS promoting an illusion of a runway closer than it really is, increasing the risk of touching down short of the runway.
The pages should flip off your thumb one at a time.
But one day Abby swings so high that her sandals flip off her feet and join a flock of shoes to fly south.
Abby loves her pink-and-brown sandals and wears them everywhere until one day they flip off her feet and head south for the winter.
Others will want to flip off corporations, politicians, or celebrities.
Insurers can rev their proverbial motorcycle engines and say, "Check out our risk management?" They can flip off investors.
I was also partial to rolling down hills in cardboard boxes and can recall splitting my head open by trying to back flip off a metal bar.