adv.1.In a flitting manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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On the digital screen we read fleetingly, flittingly. Our brains have what scientists call "novelty bias." We are predisposed to attend to new information; from an evolutionary perspective, what's new, bright, and flashing could contain survival information.
On one side of the road lay jungle, on the other a nullah, 'and these, as well as the dusky group, were flittingly lighted by the torches of the mussalchees'.
Composed of interviews with Republican participants in the War of Independence (referred to simply as "The Tan War" in the volume) and Civil War (though O'Malley and most of those he interviews see them as one struggle), it moves flittingly from one tale to the next, like a late night pub conversation, from accounts of the simplest contributions to the conflict to the most dramatic.
So while he was never more than a bit part player on Teesside, fans at least flittingly saw his class alongside some of the most famous names ever to pull on a Boro shirt, the like of which we may not see again.
Djibril Cisse, who looks unsettled by the speculation about his future, has been used infrequently and is performing only flittingly while Kenwyne Jones' powers have been reduced since he signed his contract.
Her rendition of the famous "Laughing Song" ("Mein Herr Marquis") was flittingly light, with the highest notes floating to the top balcony, clear and purely crafted.
Ronaldinho only flittingly impressed against Chelsea on the Stamford Bridge bog, but while he'll undoubtedly be brilliant in Germany, will Ronaldo star at his fourth finals?
It is to the poet's life, as recorded by his biographers, that we must turn if we are to animate, however flittingly, that immobile but compelling mask and to come even slightly closer to understanding the miraculous creativity of Keats's "great year." For while his incomparable letters fall within a four-year span, almost all the greatest poems were written from approximately the end of 1818 to the end of 1819.