a.1.Unstable; fluttering.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Guinevere Beck is a flirty, flitty MFA student who likes writing poetry and finding really cool clothes on a budget.
"I know Flitty and they can cling on to the hope of what we did against Liverpool, what Leeds did to Tottenham, Luton to Norwich and what Bradford did in that fabulous run.
Hooray for Hollywood: Allison hopes hunky George will make her film dreams come true PICTURE: VICTORIA STEWART' River flitty: Luca, left, and Joanne, centre, run off together in Scots soap but co-star Daniel Schutzmann, right, is Allison's true love
Shakalu Abdoulaye N'Gom An Adam Sandier film sans Adam, "Grandma's Boy," unlike other Happy Madison productions, headlines no recognizable SNL alumni of the Rob Schneider/David Spade ilk (though the two contribute limp cameos as a sarcastic ethnic landlord and a flitty vegan waiter, respectively).
Now Flitty, who is still under contract, is being squeezed out even further and could be found a Championship home if the call comes in.
The Rocks at Yaddo were mostly macho writers who wore lumberjack shirts and boots and stomped around scowling, especially at us flitty types.
Ironically, Damien tried to get Mel to come to a 'Cowboys and Indians' party hosted by his pal 'Flitty'.
(22) Holden "used to think he [Luce] was sort of flitty himself, in a way" (186).
From the acquaintances he runs into - a plodding Ph.D., a flitty show promoter, and a dancer with a day job - one assumes the narrator is some sort of an intellectual or other Kulturarbeiter.
I am vaguely aware of a multiplicity of insects, little green flitty things, grasshoppers, whizzing beetles, and dragonflies, bouncing crazily around me from the verdant trampoline, occasionally landing on me as if to draw from the energy of my dependably pulsing physique.
Souness said: "We only have Flitty and Tugay in those positions and I am looking to bring in more people with the campaign we have ahead of us."
De Fronsac takes an immediate liking to Marianne de Morangias (Emilie Dequenne, star of "Rosetta"), the spirited daughter of Count de Morangias (Jean Yanne, amusingly laconic) and his flitty wife (Edith Scob).