fluticasone propionate

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flu·tic·a·sone propionate

 (flo͞o-tĭk′ə-sōn′, -zōn′)
A synthetic corticosteroid, C25H31F3O5S, used as a topical anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, as a nasal spray in the treatment of rhinitis, and as an inhalant, in combination with salmeterol, in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

[flu(oro)- + tic- (probably shortening and rearrangement of carbothioate, one of its constituents) + (meth)asone (as in dexamethasone).]
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Steroid-based anti-inflammatory nasal sprays, such as Flixonase (on prescription), decrease inflammation but take longer to deal with symptoms.
The steroid nasal sprays such as Beconase or Flixonase, reduce the swelling and inflammation of the nasal membranes and so help clear congestion within the nose.
6m [pounds sterling] on marketing for its Piriton, Piritese, Flixonase, Breathe Right and Beconase portfolio this year, while rival Pfizer is set to put more than 3m [pounds sterling] behind the Benadryl brand.
The following drugs contain fluoride: Prozac, Rohypnol, Diflucan, Flixonase or Flixotide, Stelazine, Fluanxol or Depixol or Floxapen.
I have used Flixonase nasal spray, but it gave me a runny nose and made me sneeze.
It may be worth trying a daily antihistamine, but I suspect you would benefit from steroid nasal drops or a steroid nasal spray such as Beconase, Flixonase or Nasonex.
Besides profiting from Zantac's switch from prescription to over-the-counter status, Glaxo Wellcome saw growth in 1998 from Flixonase and Serevent.
From time to time I use a Flixonase nasal spray, but I don't want to use steroids long-term.