Floating pier

a landing stage or pier which rises and falls with the tide.

See also: Floating

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First promised by the Oslo Accords in 1993, the idea of a seaport -- or at least an interim proposal for a floating pier under international supervision -- has won some backing from Europe, Egypt and the United Nations, albeit with caveats to address Israeli security concerns.
At the same time, the company plans to proceed aggressively forward with other related projects: these include a floating pier project integrating MHI's swing reduction floating body technology and coral transplantation technology, and new projects involving integration with steel structures.
The house sits on land overlooking High Rock Lake, and has all the fixings for a dream lakehouse: a boathouse and dock, an aluminum floating pier and a double jet-ski dock.
The new Conrad Koh Samui is offering 80 villas with private plunge pools and sundecks, novel restaurant concepts, a Spa, a diving and sailing centre, an 180-metre floating pier, a Fitness Centre and an outdoor yoga pavilion.
You reach this attraction by boat and climb off a floating pier into the shallow waters encircled by a coral reef.
One wag said, Let''s erect them on our lovely floating pier.
Two Russian ships will transfer a new floating pier to Tartous port this week," the source said, adding that after "completing the "renovation and development works, the fleet checkpoint in Tartous will be fully operational.
The center is replete with an onsite gear shop, a tropical-style snack bar, and even its own floating pier.
For a small fee you can sit on a floating pier and watch a family of bottlenose dolphins frolic in the sea.
while working on welding to fix damage from a typhoon on a floating pier at a fishing port in Hiroshima.
Training requires having a primary vessel anchored mid-stream in open ocean water, downloading equipment from another vessel to a floating platform called a Roll-On/Roll-Off Discharge Facility, then uploading it again on a secondary vessel such as a Landing Craft Utility or Landing Craft Mechanized boat for movement to a floating pier that extends from the beach into open water.