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n.1.(Gun.) A small cartridge designed for target shooting; - sometimes called ball cap.
Flobert rifle
a rifle adapted to the use of floberts.
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During a search the man's house in Famagusta district in April 2018, police uncovered an anti-tank grenade launcher RPG with a missile, a defensive grenade, a loaded pistol with 14 bullets, two hunting guns, 330 hunting cartridges and a number of military and flobert cartridges.
The weapon was later found to be a Turkish Ekol, Arda 4mm rimfire Flobert revolver.
You spoke of a reader's Flobert rifle built on the Warnant system.
A good customer once brought in a Flobert .22 rifle missing the hammer stirrup, hammer stirrup pin, and hammer spring.
It's sorta' like the old fashioned Flobert parlor rounds.
Flobert designed a flanged cap (the first rimfire case) to which was added a ball and later a conical bullet, making the first self-contained cartridge.
The Flobert pistols and rifles were quite popular then and have remained in production through modern times.
Impresiona el numero tan reducido de nombres: Horacio Benavides, Piedad Bonnet, William Ospina, Romulo Bustos, Victor Gaviria, Gustavo Adolfo Garces, Alberto Velez, Fernando Herrera, Flobert Zapata, Orlando Gallo, Jorge Garcia Usta, Joaquin Mattos Omar, Hugo Chaparro Valderrama, Jorge Cadavid, Nelson Romero Guzman, Ramon Cote Baraibar, Oscar Torres Duque, Pablo Montoya, Gloria Posada, Juan Felipe Robledo, Pascual Gaviria y Felipe Garcia Quintero".
(23) The album contained also what is probably the most notable song of that period: 'A Flobert, narrating the explosion in a toy factory in 1975.
Dictionnaire latin-francais nouvelle edition revue et augmentee, sous la direction de Pierre Flobert. Paris: Hachette, 2000.
Wesson had studied the work of gun designer Flobert and liked the Frenchman's idea of seating a ball atop a metallic primer rather than using a separate priming mechanism.
However, in 1895 it was not acceptable for women to wear bloomers in public unless they were on a bicycle; in fact, "pseudo-bicyclists in trousers" caused a scandal by "promenad[ing] on the boulevards" without bicycles and were admonished by the Prefect of Police ((Flobert, qtd.