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(Chemistry) a substance added to a suspension to enhance aggregation of the suspended particles


(ˈflɒk yə lənt)

a chemical for flocculating suspended particles.
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it is the most economically advantageous offer (comparison price calculated from flocculant price, consumption amount of flocculant and ts amount of sewage sludge) can be achieved.
The dirty process water is pumped into the clarifier as flocculant is added via an automated system.
Its low mechanical strength is also not very satisfactory, but it can be enhanced by covalent crosslinking modification [27], Therefore, we assumed that fabrication of flocculant through modification of starch and chitosan by crosslinking could provide great complementary and result in an effective adsorbent for Cr(VI) removal.
This flocculant metering system consists of a hopper, a metering worm screw-pump and a regulator.
Poly-Plus RD also acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer and flocculant.
Nalco provides a complete line of polymers for water clarification from anionic to nonionic to cationic charges for every flocculant need.
American Colloid, which has worked with Piepho Abwassertech since the 1970's in the flocculant area, has continued in its efforts to capitalize on attractive environmental growth opportunities around the world.
Hauling costs were high as well, and organic polymer flocculant usage was as high as 15lb per dry ton of cake.
There has been a steady evolution in thickener design, both of conventional tanks and high-rate thickeners which depend on flocculant addition for proper functioning.
these bidders must test their flocculant in the hetlingen sewage treatment plant and thus prove the suitability of the flocculant offered for consumption.
Dispersion polymerization of AM with other water-soluble monomers in aqueous media to synthesize the cationic, anionic, and amphoteric flocculants has been extensively studied [12-23], However, to our best knowledge, the report regarding the synthesis of hydrophobically modified flocculant through aqueous dispersion copolymerization of AM with hydrophobic monomer in aqueous salt solution is still few.