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n. pl. flo·ka·tis
A woven, usually woolen area rug with a long, soft pile, traditionally of Greek origin.

[Modern Greek flokáti, peasant's blanket, from flókos, woolen pile, fluff, from Latin floccus, tuft of wool (probably via an Italian dialectal form akin to standard Italian fiocco, tuft).]


(Furniture) a Greek hand-woven shaggy woollen rug
[C20: from Modern Greek phlokatē a peasant's blanket]
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Created from flokati rugs--a type of woolen shag rug originally made in the north of Greece and now widely available--they appear, at first glance, to have been abused and distressed with fire as well as paint.
The wish list, filling several pages and exceedingly whimsical, also specified a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary on a pedestal; one hole of mini golf; a swirly barbershop pole; a flokati rug; several swings, including the porch, Tarzan and "Mod bubble'' varieties; lots of furniture with carved animal feet; gold mirrors; a big banquet table; an aquarium; and a secret passageway.
You should go there just to see the "garden" - a wall of herbs growing in metal cylinders under a balloon sky of paper lanterns, like those people bought in the 1970s to go with Greek flokati rugs.
com; TABLE LAMPS: glass rod buffet lamps, silver plated metal with glass rods, Uttermost; SLEIGH BED: white lacquer wood and silver leather headboard; FLOKATI BEDSPREAD: wool; PILLOW: faux mink; RUG: white, multi-level shag, wool/polyester; ARTWORK: M.
Great for: draperies, flowerpots, bath mats, flokati rugs, candles, kitchenware, mirrors, frames, teak garden furniture
Floor coverings are silk corduroy, natural flokati sheepskin and white mohair.
The large circular option comes from the Flokati Rug Co in London (0208 3373005 or online at flokatirugco.
A wide selection of genuine Flokati rugs direct from Greece are available from The Flokati Rug Company, from pounds 23 (020 8337 3005, www.
She's getting back at me because I don't want to get married and have a bunch of rug rats crawling all over my flokati right now.