Flood fence

a fence so secured that it will not be swept away by a flood.

See also: Flood

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A flap-type flood fence that floated when the river came up and hung imposingly when the river was at its normal level.
Additionally, we are inserting flood fences to the front and back of the building to make it more robust.
Tier I acquisition and construction projects include: the design and construction of Puyallup River floodplain protection such as engineered log jams or flood fences at Kapowsin Creek; land acquisition for Orville Road Channel Migration Protection in preparation for later phases; land acquisition and structure removal in the Neadham Road flood hazard area in preparation for future levee setback; and land acquisition and structure removal in the Clear Creek/Lower Puyallup River floodplain, in preparation for later phases which will reconnect over 500 acres of floodplain that have been subject to recent flooding dramatically reducing flood risk while restoring critical tidal marsh habitat.