Floor cloth

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a heavy fabric, painted, varnished, or saturated, with waterproof material, for covering floors; oilcloth.

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The linoleum industry was at one point the town's largest employer and it started with the opening of Kirkcaldy canvas trader Michael Nairn's "floor cloth factory of Scotland" in 1847.
There is a vast range of towel products like terry towels, warp pile fabric, dish cloth, wash cloth, floor cloth, bar mops, bathrobes, bath mats, dusters, kitchen towels etc.
Interestingly, his father's occupations were listed on his birth certificate as being a floor cloth painter and lamp-lighter.
A giant floor cloth in the shape of a circle is the island on which Shakespeare's enchanting tale takes place.
Whitewash wooden crate <PS35, floor cloth PS2, Glass storage jar with cork top PS6, Eddingtons dolly pegs PS2.99 x24, John Lewis
Floor cloth is far too big and flops about while you're trying to mop.
When the curtain opens, a table sits center stage on top of a white floor cloth. Laguna enters, perhaps struck by some sense memory; then Baryshnikov wanders in from stage left.
After being shown an 18th-century floor cloth, Griff is prompted to travel to the poorer districts of what is the country's fastest-growing city.
"Many are younger customers who don't want the commitment of heavier rugs," and soumaks are ideal if the consumer is looking for a floor cloth appearance.
When the floor is dry, apply the oil with a floor cloth spreader or brush using full-flowing strokes in the direction of the grain.
The 58-year-old historical preservationist chanced upon fragments of a circa 1780 block printed floor cloth when consulting with Kenmore Plantation in Fredericksburg, Va., now a museum and once a plantation owned by George Washington's sister, Betty Washington Lewis, and her husband, Fielding Lewis.