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n.1.A cerain gold coin; a Florence.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEW RESTAURANT We like to think of Flor as the little sister of Lyle's.
Meanwhile, the blissful togetherness of Tac and Flor came to an abrupt end when Flor joined her heavenly Creator.
Written in diary format with alternating chapters for Willa and Flor, The Me I Meant to Be is fast paced and compelling, thanks to distinct voices for the two main characters.
Joed Serrano (2nd from right) with Celine Dion (center), Flor Santos (2nd from left) and her son Kin (left most), and co-producer Kelly (right most)
Caption: Check It, by Dana Flor (second from left) and Toby Oppenheimer (far right), follows a group of LGBTQIA Washington, D.C.
at the Music Museum, with special guests Jaya, Ian Veneracion, Jona, Michael Pangilinan, Imelda Papin, Eva Eugenio, Boobsie Wonderland and Claire dela Fuente who is Flor's kumare and good friend, plus LA's sister Kanishia Santos.
I wanted to create a service that evokes that sense of happiness on a weekly basis, at a price point comparable to a weekly coffee allowance," said Rachel Pellman, Dolce Flor Founder.